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Hurricane Storm Shutter Installation MelbourneProfessional Shutter Services in Melbourne

Looking for the very best hurricane storm shutter installation in Melbourne, FL? Do you want to use services that are dependable and affordable? You’ll be glad to know that you can get just that when you call us. You can also depend on us for a full array of shutter brands and styles. Our services can be used for both small shutter replacements and large shutter installations. In all cases you can depend on us for a job well done. Call us now for a fair estimate. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Benefits of New Storm Shutters

Here are a few of the benefits of getting new shutters installed at your home:

  • Improved Storm Protection
  • Higher Property Value
  • Curbs Water Damage
  • Better Home Security

Dependable Exterior Shutter Services

You can depend on us for the following services when you need them the most:

  • Replacement
  • Installation
  • Repair
  • Maintenance
  • Improvement

How  Do Hurricane Shutters Work?

These kinds of shutters are used during a hurricane to prevent damage to homes and other building caused by the storm. They protect the windows and prevent damage from wind blown objects during the storm. This is essential because once a window is broken during a hurricane air pressure in the home can rise and cause total roof failure. Most shutters are made of steel and aluminum. They can be installed with screws, hurricane clips, and in some cases, a track system. Some models may be motorized. Impact resistant shutters must resist windblown debris. The standard test being a 9 pound 2×4 striking at 34 miles per hour.

What Can Hurricane Shutters Cover?

You can use hurricane shutters to protect your home in a hurricane in a number of ways. They can cover:

  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Garage Doors
  • Balconies

Why Shutter Your Garage Door?

Whether your garage door is brand new or not, you don’t want to take a chance during a hurricane.In most cases, your garage door is the largest entrance to your home. You want to keep it secured during a hurricane. If it were to collapse during a storm, chaos would ensue.  You can have a shutter system for it installed, the same time you have shutters installed over your windows.

What Is a Bahama Shutter?

These shutters are exterior mounted at a 45 degree angle, come in a variety of colors and are used for both residential and commercial installation. They’re a one piece shutter and go directly over your window. They’re easy to operate, because they’re hinged at the top. This makes hurricane set up a lot easier, because you simply pull the shutters down before the storm.

What is an Accordion Shutter?

This kind of metal shutter can be used for windows, sliding doors, and commercial building with large openings. They can also be used to enclose an entire balcony and fold back compactly. They’re attractive, easy to operate, and durable which make them a popular choice in Florida and are the perfect solution to curved windows.

What Is a Rolldown Shutter?

This type of shutter is extremely convenient. It’s installed above your window in an attractive box and when hurricane comes you simply roll it down with a crank handle. If you want something easier, you can have a motorized one installed. This would allow your hurricane preparation to be push button easy.

What Is a Colonial Shutter?

This is shutters brings both beauty and hurricane protection to your home. As with any shutter, when you close them , they offer full hurricane protection. They’re easy to operate and are available in custom colors. If you’re looking for something stylish, this is the right option for you.

What Is a Hurricane Panel?

These solid panels mount to your home and can cover windows and doors. They’re available in metal and lexan and conform to a pre installed panels. The panels you get from us are of superior quality.

What Are Hurricane Impact Windows?

These windows are designed to protect your home from flying debris and strong winds during a hurricane. They also block UV light and deaden outside noise.

How to Test Your Shutters for Operation

You should test your shutters at the beginning of every hurricane season to see if they’re still operable. Go over to overy window and make sure you can close and lock every shutter. If they’re motorized, listen for any straining noises. If you’re not comfortable with the results, or if they’re hard to open and close, call us today to help you find a solution.

Let Us Inspect Your Shutters

Have your hurricane shutters been on your home since you bought it? If you want to make sure your home will be ready for this hurricane season, call us today to come inspect your shutters. We’ll test them for you and make sure they’re still operational and meet the current Florida building code. If there’s anything amiss, you can count on us to install new ones for you at an excellent price. If they’re fine, we’ll let you know that too. We just want to make sure you’re safe this hurricane season.

Types of Shutters

You can depend on us to install the best hurricane shutters that you need. Here are some of the Florida hurricane shutters that you can get from us:

  • Colonial shutters
  • Rolling shutters
  • Bahama shutters
  • Aluminum hurricane panels
  • Accordion shutters
  • Plantation shutters
  • Roll down shutters
  • Clear shutters
  • Custom shutters
  • See through shutters
  • Transparent shutters
  • Electric shutters
  • Multiwall shutters
  • Fabric shutters
  • Kevlar shutters
  • Astroguard shutters
  • plus more!

Whether you have a brick, stucco, or stone home, or one with vinyl siding, we’ll get the job done right the first time.  We can do an inside mount or an outside mount, depending on your home.

Shutter Color Availability

Depending on the type of shutter you get, there are a variety of color options:

  1. Aluminum/Steel – natural finish (can’t be painted)
  2. Fabric – white
  3. Roll downs – white, beige, ivory, bronze
  4. Bahama – Painted the color of your choice

Hurricane Shutter Installation Cost

You’ll be pleased to know that are prices are fair and affordable. In fact, you want find a better price for your installation. There are never any hidden fees, as we are honest with our pricing, and our estimates are always fair and accurate. Installing hurricane shutters and anchors is an important investment for your home and you’ll be glad that you had it done when hurricane season comes. Let us put up the hurricane shutters on your house, so you can relax and enjoy your life. Whether you need accordion, aluminum, or polycarbonate shutters installed, you can depend on us for a great price.

Why Get Hurricane Shutters

Hurricane season comes every year in Florida, without fail. You can’t wish it away or pretend it’s not a reality. Taping your windows is a recipe for disaster. Quality hurricane shutters that are professionally installed are your best bet for keeping your home and family safe. Here’s a few reasons why you should consider them:

  1. Florida is a hurricane prone area, especially counties along the coast.
  2. Hurricane shutters protect property and lives.
  3. Easy to use and operate once they are installed.
  4. Shutters are durable and effective in the face of extreme weather.
  5. Shutters protect your windows and doors from dangerous winds and wind blown debris.
  6. Shutters help protect your roof by keeping hurricane force winds out of your home.
  7. Shutters are more secure, durable, and reliable than a piece of plywood.

Obviously, the best time to get them installed is when you’re building your home, but you can count on us to install them on your existing home. A great time for installation is before hurricane season starts. Then if a hurricane comes, your shutters are already up.

They’re not only for windows. You can have them installed over your doors and garage doors.  After all, your garage door is your largest entrance into your home. Reinforcing it with a shutter is smart idea. Trust is when we say, you don’t want to get stuck putting up plywood shutters the day before a hurricane. People will be very distracted and unhappy at the store, no one will cut your plywood to size, and there may not even be any left when you get there.

Why Plywood Isn’t as Good As Real Shutters

First off, we want to remind you that plywood doesn’t meet Florida building code. With that said you should know they don’t provide the same level of safety that a professional hurricane shutter. Plywood is thin and can very easily come flying off your house during a hurricane. In fact, if you can’t secure a piece of plywood close enough to your home, wind will get behind it. Hearing them rattle during a category 4 hurricane isn’t something you want to experience.  A commercially produced shutter is designed to take the impact a hurricane brings and you can trust us to install them correctly. Hurricane shutters are a valuable investment and you’ll be glad you have them when hurricane season begins.

Do Shutters Improve My Insurance Rate?

In most cases, having professional hurricane protection may reduce your home insurance rates and will require a home inspection. Speak to your insurance representative today to find out more details. You can depend on us to provide the information your insurance carrier needs concerning the shutters you have us install.

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Proudly Serving the Melbourne Area

Need service in Melbourne? Our service area includes the following towns:

  1. Melbourne
  2. Vero Beach
  3. Fort Pierce
  4. Palm Bay
  5. Fellsmere
  6. Port St. Lucie
  7. Sebastian
  8. Rockledge

We serve all of the surrounding areas of the towns listed above, so if you don’t see your town, call us anyway. We may be able to come out to you anyway.

The Reality of Hurricanes

Since 1851, the East Coast has been hit with 290 hurricanes. Out of 290 storms, Florida has been hit with 114 hurricanes, 3 of them being major systems. Southeast Florida has been hit with 41 of them. Florida is the most hurricane battered state. If you live in this area, you can’t ignore that fact. 32 of these past hurricane seasons has included more than one storm. These storms cause real problems. Hurricane Andrew amassed $26.5 billion in damages. If you think you hurricanes aren’t a reality they are and you should always be ready. When you have us install your shutters, you’ll be set.

What Sets Our Services Apart

Here’s a few things that set us apart from the competition:

shutter replacement

  • Family Operated Business
  • Fully Insured Services
  • Reliable Services
  • Quality Materials
  • Competitive Rates

When you work with us, you’ll get the services you need, when you need them the most. We’re always just a phone call away. You can depend on us for a job well done.

Get a Fair Estimate Today

Call us now for a fair estimate for hurricane shutters in Melbourne. We look forward to making your project a success.

We also serve Ft. PierceFellsmerePalm BayPort St. LucieRockledgeSebastian, and Vero Beach.

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