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  • roof repair contractor rockledge, flNeed a roof repair contractor in Rockledge that you can rely on for a variety of roofing services?
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Local Roof Repair That You Can Rely On

Our roofing services are unbeatable. Here’s a few cases where you can use them:

  • Broken Roof Tiles or Shingles
  • Missing Roof Tiles or Shingles
  • Clogged Gutters
  • Holey Roof
  • Water Damage
  • Mold Growth
  • Curling Shingles
  • Roof Older Than 12+

The Best Roofers for Your Home or Business

Here’s some of the reasons you’ll enjoy working with us:

  • Family Owned
  • Fully Insured
  • Dependable Services
  • Best Materials Used
  • Competitive Rates

Proudly Serving Rockledge and Beyond With Roof Repair and Installationroof repair rockledge

  1. Rockledge
  2. Port St. Lucie
  3. Palm Bay
  4. Melbourne
  5. Vero Beach
  6. Fort Pierce
  7. Fellsmere
  8. Sebastian

Why Get Metal Roof Installation

  • Metal roofs reflect heat off your home which is a big advantage when you live in Florida.
  • These roofs are durable and long lasting and fire resistant. The average life expectancy of a metal roof is 40 long years.

Why Get Shingle Reroofing

  • Shingle roofs are available in many color combinations and that’s one reason they’re so popular.
  • You can match any color home to a shingle roof.
  • There’s really that many color combinations to choose from.
  • A shingle roof is durable and fire resistant.
  • The average shingle roof lasts up to 20 years and is a great choice for any home.

Why Get Tiled ReRoofing

  • Tiles roofs certainly last a long time. Some of them have been known to last up to 50 years.
  • They are as classy as you can get, durable and fire resistant.
  • This type of roof is a great investment into the life of your home.

Why Get a Polymer Roof from Our Local Roofing Contractors

  • All of the above roofs are popular for their own reasons, but there’s a roof that’s just right for your home and we’ll help you find it.
  • Just a give us a call to speak with a roofing expert.

How Much Will My New Roof Cost? Will I Get a Free Roof Estimate?

  • The cost of a new roof varies.
  • It’ll depend on the style of roofing material
  • And the size of your home
  • You’ll get a free estimate from us
  • And a great price.

How to Choose Shingle Colors for Your New Roof

Different homes look better with different shingle colors. Here are the color combinations that we think look best:

  1. White houses look good with any color combo you pick.
  2. Beige houses look good with black, green, and blue.
  3. Wooden houses look good with brown, green, and grey.
  4. Brown homes look good with green and grey.
  5. Orange and red look good against sunrises and sunsets in Florida.
  6. Light color shingles give a cool look.
  7. Grey and green make your home look beachy.

Will a New Roof  Installation Lower My House Insurance?

  1. This is going to depend on who you have your home insurance with.
  2. They may offer insurance discounts if you replace your roof with a more durable roof.
  3. Call up your agent and ask them what their standards are and if they, in fact, offer any discounts if you get a new roof.
  4. They made need a written estimate to look into this, so be prepared and get the answers you need.

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