Roof Repair Questions Answered: Part 2

new roof installation melbourne flRoof Repair Questions Answered: Part 2

We hope you enjoyed our first installment of roof repairs questions and answered.  The good news is this the second installment. You’ll find more information about our roof repair installation services and roof repair and installation in general. Browse through the rest of this post to find the answer to the roofing question that’s most important to you.

Roof Repair and Installation Frequently Asked Questions

What type of roof will last the longest?

In most cases a tile roof or a metal roof will last the longest. They have the longest life expectancy and therefore will not need to be replaced as often.

What type of roof is the most durable?

In general, a metal roof is the most durable kind of roofing you can get for your home.

What kind of roof is best for a hurricane prone area?

This varies, so you’ll need to check the wind and impact rating for each type of roofing material.

What color shingles are there?

You can get roofing shingles in most colors of the rainbow.

Do black roofs make your home hotter?

In most cases they do not.

Are metal roofs energy efficient?

Yes, metal roofs are energy efficient and can save you money throughout the year on your air conditioning bill.

Can a new roof increase my home resale value?

Yes, in today’s housing market, a new roof may add up to $12,000 onto the value of your home. Of course this will depend on the type of roof you get, the condition of your home, and the location of your home.

What color roofing matches any color house?

White roofing will look good on most homes. If you’re going for a traditional look get a white, black, or grey roof. If you want t a beachy look, get a mix of blue an green roofing.


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