Signs You Need Metal Roof Repair

Having a metal roof on your home is a great investment. Experts suggest that these building materials can last between 40-70 years meaning that you won’t have to worry much about the cost of replacement. They can be damaged, however, usually by weather, or the degradation over time of screws and nails used to adhere them. If you have a metal roof, here are a few signs that you might need metal roof repair.

Metal roof repair for leaks 

If you find leaks inside your home for no clear reason, signs could point to problems with your roof. Metal roofs are pretty durable and can take a beating, but the panels can crack, and the nails and screws used to attach the panels to the roof can degrade. Any of these occurrences could cause enough damage to allow water to get inside of your home.   

Signs of damage

It’s a good idea to regularly step away from your home to survey all of its parts. If a survey of your home points to damage on your metal roof, it might be time to call the experts in for a closer look. Damage to metal roofs is typically caused by weather, especially hail and wind. If either of those weather phenomena have rolled through town recently, you should survey your roof for potential damage.   

Problems with flashing 

When your roof was put on your home, the installers used pieces of impervious metal called flashing everywhere where the roofing material met another structure like a chimney or change in roof pitch. Flashing ensures that water doesn’t leak behind the roofing material. If you see flashing beginning to fail anywhere on your roof, it could be time for a metal roof repair. 

Paint problems and discoloration need metal roof repair

Colored metal roofs allow for the greatest degree of customization when it comes to roofing materials. And also the paint that is adhered to metal panels is very strong, there can sometimes be problems causing paint problems or areas of discoloration on your roof. The good news is these problems are pretty easy to spot which means that you can call in the pros for an inspection ASAP.

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